From my grandmother's kitchen, we recovered recipes which origin has been lost in time. Here, tomato is the king and we find that it can be cooked in a thousand different ways. The cod mongoose, which was typically served in every table of the village during winter, and the peas, that once were relegated as the basic food of farmers, now return to our tables with flavours and textures that are almost extinct. To sweeten up your mouth, nothing like delighting yourself in a sweet that keeps alive the presence of the Moors in the village, the famous coscorões, watered with brandy, sugar and cinnamon. But that’s not all.

Dare to try new flavors!

Tomates frescos e queijo
Thematic tours


 - from the fields to the our pots and pans, we went through the tomato production circuit, from the agricultural fields to the kitchen, where we learnt to make some traditional recipes from the village. The charcoal - in the hills overlooking Rio Maior, we find the traditional art of coal production in clay ovens.

The charcoals

 - in the hills near Rio Maior, we find the traditional art of coal production in clay ovens.

Stone villages

 - just over an hour from Lisbon, the people of São Bento take the stone to save water and take advantage of the wind. Start discovering waterfalls, chasms and Jurassic beaches.

Tagus stories

 - source of life and death, the Tagus still marks the riverside generations. We start to discover these stories, by the voice of its protagonists.

In the depths of the earth

 - it takes 683 steps to reach the bottom of the caves, but the landscape rewards the challenge. At the end of the tour, we reserve a unique and memorable program, contributing to the preservation of the intangible heritage of the region.

We also make personalized tours.


. Straight Mattress

. Rags rugs

. Rag dolls

. Sweets and jams

. Writing - journalism, short stories and legends, professional

Activities subject to appointment and minimum number of 4 people.

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