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Built in the 1920s by my great-grandparents, the property we know today has grown over the years and the arrival of new generations.

From my grandfather Artur's ceramics factory, bricks and tiles came out that still decorate some houses and roofs today. Throughout the property we find wooden elements, the noble material that was also the basis of the family's livelihood.

In the gardens, we are surprised by the aromas of fruits and flowers that my grandmother Rosa loved so much. Here I find the smells and sounds of childhood, which marked my vacations and made me go back in time.

It was with these vivid memories that, in 2017, I left the city and the sea behind and, together with my family and friends, started a  one of the craziest and most enterprising ideas of my life. The hustle and bustle of newsrooms was also left behind, where I was a journalist for 25 years, to dedicate myself to an innovative sustainable tourism project.

Here, we give life to a space that is much more than a Local Accommodation.

It is a space for sharing, where we preserve and share the memories, architecture, flavors and stories of the village. From the Ribatejo soul.

                                              Rita Montez

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